Why to Lithuania?

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Small country, lots of experiences!  A Crossroads of cultures and natural wonders that surprises and fascinates at every step. In Lithuania there is no need to choose between experiences. You can experience them all at the same time! In just a short time you can discover different landmarks. Even on a short break, you can feel the passion of a extreme sport, the tranquillity of unspoilt nature, the homeliness of traditional customs and the liveliness of modern towns and cities.

Lithuania is full of life and surprises. It is never boring! An outdoor party or a stunning concert by top artists, you can experience it all in a single night. On the beach beneath the stars or in the warm embrace of fresh hay in the countryside.

kuršių nerijaAir pollution in Lithuanian cities are usually lower than in neighbour countries and many other European cities. Our country does not have millions of cities, which focuses industry, energy companies, population density and traffic flows are lower than the big cities. Geographic location determines unstable weather, which is favorable for dispersion of pollutants.


Lithuanian beaches are one of the cleanest beaches in all Europe. The European Environment Agency examined 21 thousand beaches, of which 70 percent are in the sea, others in lakes and rivers.


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One of the main reasons to come to Lithuania is the beautiful Lithuanian nature. Lush forests, lakes and rivers, beautiful and sandy Baltic Sea beach reveals the true beauty of nature. Lithuanian nature is a great place to relax from the bustle of the city, from the daily routine, the accumulated stress at work. In Lithuanian forests vacationers collect mushrooms and berries, active tourists sailing canoe, where the river reveals the natural beauty. In Lithuania are endlessly many mounds, which has its own story.

Lithuania is rich in architectural heriLithuania1tage. The old town can be discovered both Baroque and Renaissance-era churches, castles built. Popular and best-known tourist destination is Gothic palaces: Trakai Castle, Gediminas Castle, Kaunas Castle.


snekutisOnly in Lithuania you can find the best taste of the beer! Traditional ways of beer brewed mainly in the northern part of Lithuania (especially Biržai and surrounding areas). Lithuania is still over 70 small breweries. The oldest brewery – Biržų beer brewery, founded in 1686. 2013 NewYork Times recommends to visit the beer bar “Šnekutis” (English – talker) in Lithuania, where visitors will find a recognized Lithuanian beer tastes.

Only in Lithuania there are so many celebrations! Even 63 days a year in Lithuania mentioned in one way or another celebration. Most attention is getting to the Sea Festival, John days, Mindauginės, Street Musician Day, Museum Night, International Jazz Festival “Kaunas Jazz, Global Campaign” Let’s Do It”, Blues Nights, Let there be night! and many other unique festivals and events. Each festival enjoys a plenty of visitors both from Lithuania and foreign countries.