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Circle of viewpoint

Circle of viewpoint  Circle of viewpoint

  • D.Bukonto str., Zarasai

2011 in Zarasai city was opened an impressive architectural structure – a circle of viewpoint, which has no analogue in Lithuania. Circle wheel height of 17 meters, so it going to open a beautiful view of Zarasas lake. After landing you can walk

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Imbradas - a sacred place

Imbradas - a sacred place  Imbradas - a sacred place

  • Imbradas, Zarasų r.

Imbradas – Village in Zarasai region, 10 km north-west of Zarasai. In Soviet times, the government did not like it here that people began arriving in search of God’s grace, the police would not let go of this place, we will see, setting firewalls,

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Stelmužė oak

Stelmužė oak  Stelmužė oak

  • Stelmužės kaimas, Zarasų r.

Stelmužė Oak is an English (Pedunculate) oak tree which grows in the former Stelmužė Manor park by Stelmužė village, Lithuania. The oak measures 3.5 m in diameter and 13 m in girth at its widest part; being 2.8 m. and 9.58 m at waist level.