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The Museum of the Military Academy

The Museum of the Military Academy  The Museum of the Military Academy

The Museum was set up and its statute approved on June 21, 1999, by the order of the Commandant of the Academy, and on October 9 registered at the Ministry of Culture. Its appearance was initiated by the enthusiasts Pranas Jankauskas, COL; the then

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Railway Museum

Railway Museum  Railway Museum

The purpose of the Railway Museum is to collect, preserve and promote the museum’s valuables related to the history of railways and the activities of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways). The Railway Museum is located on the second floor

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The Money museum

The Money museum  The Money museum

The Money Museum opened after reconstruction by the Bank of Lithuania in the heart of Vilnius at the intersection of Gedimino Avenue and Totorių Street is inviting to take a look at its five halls on two floors occupying an area of 350 sq m. The

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Museum of the Lithuanian Radio and Television

Museum of the Lithuanian Radio and Television  Museum of the Lithuanian Radio and Television

  • Konarskio g. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius
  • +370 5 236 32 14

The Museum’s collection consists of written, graphic, audio and video documents, publications, periodicals, apparatus, their parts and other exhibits casting light on development of radio and television in Lithuania, most prominent workers in that

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Vilnius art academy museum

Vilnius art academy museum  Vilnius art academy museum

The museum has a wonderful collection versatile reflecting creative, methodological development of teaching in Vilnius Academy of Arts: collections of graphic works of the publishing house of Vilnius Academy (16th-18th centuries), creative works of

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Modern Art Center

Modern Art Center   Modern Art Center

The MMC collection is comprised of works by modernist Lithuanian artists and artists residing in Lithuania, created beginning in the so-called “thaw” (approximately from 1960) until the restoration of independence, and also the works of contemporary

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DSM Diamond Museum

DSM Diamond Museum   DSM Diamond Museum

  • Vokiečių g. 11, LT–01130 Vilnius
  • +370 642 88 188

The Diamond Museum is the first one of its kind in Eastern Europe. Here you can factually enjoy a variety of minerals and real precious stones. This is a unique world of diamonds in Lithuania, in the very heart of Vilnius City. Sound and visual

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Holocaust Exhibit

Holocaust Exhibit  Holocaust Exhibit

Holocaust Exhibit, updateh century. in the middle. “Litvak civilization – Lost World, Vilnius was once proclaimed the existence of the Jerusalem of Lithuania, and Litvakes lived in almost every village, town or city. More information:

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Tolerance Center

Tolerance Center   Tolerance Center

At Tolerance Center held commemoration, conferences, seminars, concerts, evenings, books presentations and other cultural and educational activities. The Museum of the photography, contemporary art and historical heritage of Lithuanian Jews

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Tuskulėnų Peace Park memorial complex

Tuskulėnų Peace Park memorial complex  Tuskulėnų Peace Park memorial complex

Tuskulėnų Peace Park memorial complex – the estate buildings and the park – one of the most mysterious places in Vilnius. It in 1944-1947. Soviet repressive structures have been installed a number secret mass burial. Today it stands in Chapel

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Fortuna hostel

Fortuna hostel  Fortuna hostel

Fortuna hostel invite you to the newest hostel in Vilnius. However, it may not look that way when you see the old brickwork which has been preserved underground. Whether you arrive by bus or train, you have less than a ten minute walk from where we

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Church of St Casimir

Church of St Casimir  Church of St Casimir

St. Casimir’s church is one of the finest Baroque churches in Vilnius, although it also displays Gothic and Renaissance elements. It was built according to the style of Il Gesu church in Rome, although it differs in having two main frontal towers.

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