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Rasos Cemetery

Rasos Cemetery  Rasos Cemetery

  • Rasų g. 32, Vilnius
  • +370 5 2656563

Rasos Cemetery is the oldest and most famous cemetery in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is named after the Rasos district where it is located. It is separated into two parts, the old and the new cemeteries, by a narrow Sukilėliai Street. The

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"Apple" Tile

"Apple" Tile  "Apple" Tile

  • Vilniaus g. 30, Vilnius

2007 in Vilnius was immortalized lovers place in St. Moniuškos Square, which has become a symbol of love – “Apple” tile.

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Bernardine Cemetery

Bernardine Cemetery  Bernardine Cemetery

  • Žvirgždyno g. 3, Vilnius

The Bernardine Cemetery is one of the three oldest cemeteries in Vilnius, Lithuania. It covers about 38,000 square metres and has an estimated 14,000 burial sites. It was established in 1810 by the Bernardine monks of the Church of St. Francis of

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Planetarium  Planetarium

Building accent – round glossy dome 12.5 meters in diameter with 160 seats Stellar sale. In addition to a 130-seat amphitheater hall, a spacious lobby exhibits, observation platform on the roof, offices, cafeteria, changing rooms and technical

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Jerusalem Sculpture Garden

Jerusalem Sculpture Garden  Jerusalem Sculpture Garden

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Customs Museum

Customs Museum  Customs Museum

The Lithuanian Customs Museum was established in 1994. Historical, documentary, video and audio material related to the past of the Lithuanian Customs is accumulated and displayed there. Over 7 thousand different exhibits have been accumulated in

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The Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses  The Hill of Three Crosses

  • T. Kosciuškos g., Vilnius

There are those who believe that on the Hill of Three Crosses pagans many years ago tortured seven Franciscan who was nailed to a cross and thrown into the river. Now this place is an architect and sculptor A. Vivulskis built the Three Crosses

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Viewpoint near the Subačiaus street

Viewpoint near the Subačiaus street  Viewpoint near the Subačiaus street

  • Maironio g./Subačiaus g., Vilnius

Near Subačiaus and Maironio streets is equipped an amazing viewpoint which offers an amazing view of the city of Vilnius. You can see the Gediminas Hill, the three crosses hill and a few churches. During the summer there is a juice bar, so sunset

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Bastion Hill - Barbican

Bastion Hill - Barbican  Bastion Hill - Barbican

  • Bokšto g. 20/Subačiaus g. 18, Vilnius

Bastion Hill is one of the defensive wall, more commonly known as the Barbican. The Bastion is a Renaissance-style defensive structures. They consist of a tower installed in the city wall, and underground gun and a connecting corridor. Bastion was

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Liepkalnis hill

Liepkalnis hill  Liepkalnis hill

  • Minsko pl. 2/Liepkalnio g., Vilnius

On the Liepkalnis hill you can enjoy the magnificent, surrounding Vilnius, forests, feel the nature and relax from the bustle of the city. In winter, is equipped ski slope, and the place becomes a real attraction.

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Rokantiškių mound

Rokantiškių mound  Rokantiškių mound

  • S. Batoro g., Vilnius

From the Rokantiškių mound revealed especially beautiful views of the Vilnia’s valley. On one side you can see the 19-th century set up paper factory buildings, the old dam and ponds. See further Nauja Vilnia village, which is settled in the 19-th

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Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum

Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum  Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum

  • Švenčionių g. 14, Nemenčinė, Vilniaus r.
  • +370 5 237 13 82; +370 678 37 530

Museum introduces traditions, mores and culture of Vilnius region. The exposition presents various types of traditional Lithuanian palms and domestic implements, specific to this area. Palms from Vilnius region are made using colourful dried flowers

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