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National Museum of Lithuania

National Museum of Lithuania  National Museum of Lithuania

Lithuanian National Museum is located in Vilnius defensive buildings. It kept the main Lithuanian historical heritage collections: archeology, numismatics, history and ethnic culture. The museum also presents a 17-20. First half of the cross-making

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Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania  Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania is the former part of Vilnius Lower Castle buildings complex, which belonged to Dukes of Lithuania and was destroyed 1799-1801 by The Russian Empire government. Today Palace of the

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Liubavas Manor

Liubavas Manor  Liubavas Manor

Liubavas (Lubow) Manor is one of the oldest estates in Lithuania, situated near Vilnius, on the banks of river Gerėja, presently known as Žalesa. Today in Liubavas Manor there are 10 buildings, part of the ponds,

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Užupis Blacksmithery Gallery-Museum

Užupis Blacksmithery Gallery-Museum  Užupis Blacksmithery Gallery-Museum

Modern architecture and interior styles almost forgot forged iron articles and blacksmiths have no apprentices to pass their knowledge onto. The Blacksmithery Gallery-Museum in Užupis hopes to preserve this craft, so that

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Soviet Bunker

Soviet Bunker  Soviet Bunker

25 kilometres away from Vilnius, 5 meters below the ground, and you find yourself in the USSR. Here you can visit the first in the world Underground Museum of Socialism, to join “1984. Survival Drama” and become a citizen of a totalitarian state

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Amber Sculpture Museum

Amber Sculpture Museum  Amber Sculpture Museum

  • Aušros Vartų g. 9 Vilnius, Lietuva
  • +370 5 2121988

AMBER company specializes in the amber jewelry production for about 20 years. It produces all kinds of natural Baltic amber articles and high quality jewellery of different shapes and colors, also particular things like cigarette-holders, pipes,

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Lithuanian Art Museum

Lithuanian Art Museum  Lithuanian Art Museum

The Lithuanian Art Museum is a public institution which aims to collect, preserve, study and research, promote art valuables. Originally founded in 1933, the museum is one of the oldest and leading institutions of

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Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport  Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport is the largest airport in Lithuania. Airport is 7 km or 16 minutes by car from the city center that can easily be reached by taxi or by local public transport.      

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The Road of Freedom

The Road of Freedom  The Road of Freedom

  • Konstitucijos pr., Vilnius

“The Road of Freedom” – is a sculpture dedicated to 20-th of Lithuanian Independence and inviting all the residents of Lithuanian patriots to continue the way of freedom and unity.

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"Miracle" Tile

"Miracle" Tile  "Miracle" Tile

  • Katedros a. 1, Vilnius

In the Cathedral Square is a tile in which written the word “miracle”. It is believed to stand on the artist Gitenis Umbrasas created tiles and when turning around its axis, the wish will come will come true.

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Literatu street

Literatu street  Literatu street

  • Literatų g., Vilnius

Artworks mounted on the walls of the Literatu street (Literatų gatvė) dedicated to the literature workers: writers, translators, everyone who has link with Lithuania and is important for lithuanian or world literature.

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