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The Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park

The Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park  The Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park

THE MEMORIAL COMPL EX OF THE TUSKULĖNAI PEACE PARK Visit the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park: • Chapel-columbarium where the remains of the victims of Soviet totalitarian regime rest in peace; •

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Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum

Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum  Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum

Lithuanian Theatre, music and cinema museum Mstislav Dobužinskis protected archive (20-th) is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World National Register. The museum collects, preserves and researching the Lithuanian theater, music and cinema

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Literary Museum of A. Pushkin

Literary Museum of A. Pushkin  Literary Museum of A. Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin Liter ary Museum established in former Grigory and Varvara Pushkins Markuciai estate residential house, according to Varvara Pushkin’s dying wishes. The museum complex consists of 1868. Markuciai built manor house Central (now the

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Museum of the Radvilas Palace

Museum of the Radvilas Palace  Museum of the Radvilas Palace

The Radvilas Palace was built in middle of 17th century by architect Jonas Ulrichas on the request of Jonusas Radvila, the hetman of Lithuania and the voivode of Vilnius. Nowadays, in the recostructed part of palace the branch of

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House of Signatories

House of Signatories  House of Signatories

The office, which was signed by the Act of Independence of Lithuania, was to recreate the atmosphere of the time. The room can see pictures of the Lithuanian Council and the Council of care would allow daily Lithuania echo “printed Lithuanian

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Museum of Applied Arts

Museum of Applied Arts  Museum of Applied Arts

  • Arsenalo str. 3A, LT-01100 Vilnius
  • +370 5 262 80 80

The Museum of Applied Arts is established in reconstructed Old Arsenal biulding, part of the Vilnius Lower Castle. Some of the 12th-14th century cultural level remains can be seen in museums exposition. Exhibitions of works from

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Television Tower

Television Tower  Television Tower

Vilnius TV tower in Vilnius, Karoliniskes on the slope of the Neris River. Height – 326.4 meters, running since 1981. January 31. 165 meters above a café “Milky Way”.
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Adam Mickiewicz Museum

Adam Mickiewicz Museum  Adam Mickiewicz Museum

Exact Museum Bernardi ne Streets creation date is not known. The museum until 1863. rebellion could exist legally, then to be known only to a narrow circle of people, so that time is not mentioned in the press. The earliest we reached the museum’s

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Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum

Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum  Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum

Prepared exposure of Mary and George Šlapeliai everyday life and activities reflect the life of the Vilnius region from the late nineteenth century. II, p. to 1940. It shows how the press has picked cancellation insurance books, Lithuanian created

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Kazys Varnelis House–Museum

Kazys Varnelis House–Museum  Kazys Varnelis House–Museum

Kazys Varnelis House-Museum is the branch of National Museum of Lithuania. Museum was established on the base of emigrant artist Kazys Varnelis collection. Kazys Varnelis is know not only as the painter but also as

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Toys Museum

Toys Museum  Toys Museum

The museum has a lot of rooms, setting out toys according to their purpose and periods. Here you can see the oldest toy copies of the age of even a few centuries, and these toys užfiskuoti archaeological documents, as well as a very old 80 years

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Lukiškės Square

Lukiškės Square  Lukiškės Square

  • Lukiškių a., Vilnius

Lukiškės Square is the largest square (about 4 ha) in Vilnius, Lithuania, located in the center of the city. A major street in Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue, passes by the southern border of the square. It is surrounded by many public buildings,

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