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Circle of viewpoint

Circle of viewpoint  Circle of viewpoint

  • D.Bukonto str., Zarasai

2011 in Zarasai city was opened an impressive architectural structure – a circle of viewpoint, which has no analogue in Lithuania. Circle wheel height of 17 meters, so it going to open a beautiful view of Zarasas lake. After landing you can walk

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Gediminas Castle Hill

Gediminas Castle Hill  Gediminas Castle Hill

From Gediminas Castle can be seen beautiful view of the Old Town. This place is a favorite of tourists because here you can feel the true spirit of the city of Vilnius. Gediminas Castle Museum was opened in 1960 and since 1968 he became a branch of

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Campanile of St. John’s Church

Campanile of St. John’s Church  Campanile of St. John’s Church

Extremely beautiful panorama of the city can admire the tallest building in the Old Town – Campanile of St. John’s Church. By the campanile will rise 193 authentic wooden stairs. From the bell tower of the Old Town looks like we climbed the air

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Television Tower

Television Tower  Television Tower

Vilnius TV tower in Vilnius, Karoliniskes on the slope of the Neris River. Height – 326.4 meters, running since 1981. January 31. 165 meters above a café “Milky Way”.
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Šatrijos mountain

Šatrijos mountain  Šatrijos mountain

  • Luokės sen., Telšių r.

Šatrijos Mountain is a great place to admire the landscape of Lithuania. From this place, we see wonderful panorama that will provide inspiration for big jobs every visitor. test  

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Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit  Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit (Lithuanian: Kuršių nerija) is a 98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. Its southern portion lies within Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia and its northern within

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Kernavė mounds

Kernavė mounds  Kernavė mounds

  • Kernavė, Širvintų r.

Kernavės mounds – five mounds in Širvintų Region municipality Kernavės the southern edge of the Neris River, right on the slope. Kernavės mounds area – one of the Lithuanian State in the centers of the largest Lithuania defensive complex of

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Medvėgalis Mound

Medvėgalis Mound  Medvėgalis Mound

  • Šilalės r.

Medvėgalis is the highest mound in Samogitia. The top of the mound is 234.6 m. Medvėgalis name comes from the 14th century – it was named after the castle. Medvėgalis mound is located in district with about 8 miles to the north-west of

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The Dune Of Parnidis

The Dune Of Parnidis  The Dune Of Parnidis

  • Nida

The Dune of Parnidis is a favorite place of the tourists visits. The dune is half planted and half drifted. On the southwest slope of the Dune of Parnidis a memorial cross for the sculptor R.Daugintis is standing, and on the top of the dune in

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Merkinė mound

Merkinė mound  Merkinė mound

  • Merkinė, Varėnos r.

Merkinė mound – Mound is in Varėnos area Merkinė, 100 m to the southeast of the confluence of the Nemunas and Merkys. Mound is in Dzūkijos National Park.

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Seredžius Mound

Seredžius Mound  Seredžius Mound

  • Seredžius town Jurbarko r.

Seredžius Mound (mount of Palemonas) – Mound and settlement Jurbarko district municipality Seredžius western part of the parish. Available while driving through the southern half of the church Seredžius 400 m to the west paved road to the end,

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Rambyno hill

Rambyno hill  Rambyno hill

  • Lumpėnai, Pagėgių sav.

Rambyno Hill (45.4 m above sea level) is located 2 km south of Lumpėnai, Pagėgių municipality on the right bank of the Nemunas. Rambyno Regional Park is one of the protected areas of Lithuania in the European Union, on the border with the

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