Tour „The Stories of  the Catacombs of Vilnius“

Tour „The Stories of the Catacombs of Vilnius“   Tour „The Stories of  the Catacombs of Vilnius“

Have you ever wondered that a mysterious underground world may exist under your feet while walking in the streets of Vilnius old town? Through long history Vilnius has been repeatedly plagued by fires and wars. The houses in the old town were
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Ghost Vilnius Tour

Ghost Vilnius Tour  Ghost Vilnius Tour

Did you know that every old town has its own ghosts and mysteries? During walking tour following narrow streets of Vilnius Old town, there will arise forgotten over past time legends and you will discover mysterious city face. Walking through

Beer tour in Vilnius

Beer tour in Vilnius  Beer tour in Vilnius

For many Lithuanians beer is irreplaceable part of the fun and perhaps not unreasonably people call it liquid bread. The drink has left a huge mark on popular folklore, and who would not want to know how this drink was appreciated by our
Tour „Sin City“

Tour „Sin City“  Tour „Sin City“

During the tour you will hear the shocking facts about the world’s oldest profession-prostitution. You will be surprised what sins hide the magnificent old town streets. There walked not only noblemen and duke’s but there were teemed
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Being led astray in the forest

Being led astray in the forest   Being led astray in the forest

Have you ever gone astray in a dark forest? The nightmare begins when you realize that you don’t know where you are and which way to take. What is more, you start hearing something rustling in the bushes and this makes you scared even
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Tour „The Night of Love Stories“

Tour „The Night of Love Stories“   Tour „The Night of Love Stories“

Do you know how much spicy, sensual, strange and tragic love story dates back to Vilnius buildings, streets, parks? The love story of Barbora and Žygimantas Augustas is not the only one which took place in Vilnius. During this tour
Tour „The Women of Vilnius"

Tour „The Women of Vilnius"   Tour „The Women of Vilnius"

Women …Their are various: passionate and cold, sensitive and quiet, forceful and humble, cruel and gentle, strong and fragile, the loser and the winner…They are all different and unpredictable as their destinies… You will follow the
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Tour „The majestic and royal Vilnius“

Tour „The majestic and royal Vilnius“  Tour „The majestic and royal Vilnius“

Vilnius was born in a dream of the Great Duke Gediminas and it became the capital of LDK. Here was the manor of the Great Duke. Life here was in full swing, the music played and the weapons clanged. During this tour you will learn how
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Economic Night Tour

Economic Night Tour   Economic Night Tour

Lets walk at night in Vilnius center and talk about the economy, try to see past in these days of economic regularities. You will learn, how residents of Vilnius fighted the economic problems in the twentieth century, where was best coffee and
Tour "Panoramas of Vilnius"

Tour "Panoramas of Vilnius"   Tour "Panoramas of Vilnius"

If the city of Rome has been called the city on seven mountains, Vilnius, then we can call the city of seven hills. They are all surrounded by stories and legends. The travelers were amused by the panoramas of Vilnius city since the oldest times.