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Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses  Hill of Crosses

  • Meškuičių sen. Šiaulių r.

Jurgaičiai (Domantų) mound, often referred to as the Hill of Crosses is Meškuičių region (Šiauliai district), near Šiauliai to Riga highway and railway, 12 miles north of Šiauliai, and 6 km southwest of Meškuičiai, Kulpė left bank. On the

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Šiauliai Aušros museum

Šiauliai Aušros museum  Šiauliai Aušros museum

In 1923, on the initiative of the Patriarch of Lithuanian museology – Peliksas Bugailiškis, a museum was established in Šiauliai and named after the first Lithuanian newspaper – “Aušra”. Today, Šiauliai Aušros Museum is one of the

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Chaimas Frenkelis villa

Chaimas Frenkelis villa   Chaimas Frenkelis villa

The restored Chaimas Frenkelis Villa with a park, and a fountain located in it, is a very exclusive site in Šiauliai city. The Villa is unique, one of only a few in Lithuania constructed in early 20th century buildings in the Art Noveau (Modern,

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 Žaliūkių village miller’s farmstead

Žaliūkių village miller’s farmstead    Žaliūkių village miller’s farmstead

A space for ethnoculture, customs and traditions, activities and merry-making is surrounded by modern city. There was recreated miller’s farmhouse and restored the only survived in Šiauliai construction of Lithuanian traditional wooden

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Bicycle museum

Bicycle museum   Bicycle museum

In 1980 the only one this type museum in Lithuania was established at Šiauliai Bicycle and Engine Factory “Vairas”. In 1993, it was given over to Šiauliai Aušros Museum. Exposition of Museum presents history of birth and development of a

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Šiauliai "Aušros" museum Education centre

Šiauliai "Aušros" museum Education centre   Šiauliai "Aušros" museum Education centre

This Šiauliai Aušros Museum’s subdivision is a well-liked centre for educational activities. Archaeological and Ethnographic expositions reveal the most ancient history of Šiauliai area, present paesant way and view of life in Samogitia and

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Radio and television museum

Radio and television museum   Radio and television museum

The Museum was established in 1982 on initiative of local ethnographer Jonas Rimkevičius, under the wardship of Šiauliai Television Plant. In 1994, it became a part of Šiauliai Aušros Museum. The Museum reveals the development of sound and view

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Poet Jovaras’ house

Poet Jovaras’ house   Poet Jovaras’ house

In memorial museum of a poet and book-smuggler Jonas Krikščiūnas-Jovaras (1880–1967) authentic environment from 20th c. 6th–7th decades and the stylized early 20th c. book store are presented. After the WW II, a poet and book-smuggler Jonas