Palanga is a bright and lively Lithuanian resort by the Baltic Sea where holidaymakers arrive to have fun and to improve their condition. Besides a lot of possibilities for entertainment – night clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, a casino, a cinema and a summer concert hall – you will find here the whole range of possibilities to take care of you health. Amog pinetrees by the sea there is a 12 km long bicycle road from Palanga to Šventoji. Palanga also offers horseriding, tennis courts, swimming pools, SPA complexes. Those who wish to relax may take a walk in wonderful parks or along the sea, visit amazingly beautiful Botanic Garden or Amber Museum. Various cultural events like theatre shows and concerts are regularly held here.

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Palanga Airport

Palanga Airport  Palanga Airport

Palanga Airport is an international airport located in the western part of Lithuania near the Baltic Sea. The airport focuses on servicing short and mid-range routes. The facility expansion completed in 2007 has made long-range

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Botanical Park of Palanga

Botanical Park of Palanga  Botanical Park of Palanga

Palanga park is one of the most beautiful scenery parks in the Lithuania. It was founded by count F. Tiškevičius in 1895-1898. The author of prject was famous at the time French scenery architect Edward Fransua Andrė. Belgian gardener Buyssens de

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Palanga Amber Museum

Palanga Amber Museum  Palanga Amber Museum

Palanga Amber Museum is a subdivision of the Lithuanian Art Museum. It was established on August 3, 1963 in the former mansion of count Feliksas Tiškevičius (1870–1932). The mansion was designed by the German architect Franz Schwechten

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Antanas Mončys house - museum

Antanas Mončys house - museum  Antanas Mončys house - museum

The museum collection consists of sculptor Anthony Montis (1921-1993) in 1989-1992. Lithuania donate works, as well as A. Montis Foundation works to accumulate personal possessions, tools, photographs, furniture, documents, diary fragments.

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Birutes Hill

Birutes Hill   Birutes Hill

  • Meilės al. 21, Palanga

This relict dune, as the highest dune at the seaside of Palanga, is mapped in the large maps since 17th century. The name of Birute hill is linked with a romantic story of priestess Birute, who married to the Grand Duke of Lithuania Kestutis and

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J. Basanavičiaus str.

J. Basanavičiaus str.  J. Basanavičiaus str.

  • J. Basanavičiaus str.

Vacationers often walks the street, because there are many cafes, bars, restaurants, a variety of entertainment and attractions. This is the main street leading to the sea bridge. In 2005, completed the reconstruction of the street. J. District

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Palanga Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Palanga Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary   Palanga Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Vytauto str. 51, Palanga

The neo-gothic Church of the Ascension of the Holy Virgin Mary is an excellent example of old Palanga architecture.

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Hotel “Zydroji liepsna”

Hotel “Zydroji liepsna”  Hotel “Zydroji liepsna”

Hotel “Zydroji liepsna” PALANGA is located in the centre of famous Lithuanian resort – Palanga, in a very centre of old town – calm Gintaras street. From the first sight, You will be welcomed by exclusive work of art (mural)

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Restaurant "Kerpė"

Restaurant "Kerpė"  Restaurant "Kerpė"

The cosiness of the original restaurant attends everyone. The professional cooks make you fresh,