Lithuanian Song Celebration 2014 "Here is my home"

Lithuanian Song Celebration 2014 "Here is my home"

If you never happened to come to Vilnius in midsummer, at the time of the Great Lithuanian Cultural Olympics, you may find it difficult to visualise the mighty sound of the choir of nearly twenty thousand singers or the live ornaments in a great stadium being drawn by nine thousand dancers. Could that be possible that the entire state with the dialects, archaic songs, dances, crafts, dishes and other traditions of all its villages and towns fits in a small area of the city park.

All of this and even more could be seen at the Song Celebration. Once in four years singers, dancers, musicians, masters of folk crafts, theatre fans from all over Lithuania and World Lithuanians' communities – all come together to celebrate.

They celebrate their commonness, the endless power of a song and a dance by merging into a unique, versatile programme each time embodying new ideas. The Olympics of various art branches is composed of some fundamental parts: the Folklore Day, the Evening of Ensembles, the Dance Day and the Song Day, complemented by the Folk Art Exhibitions, the Afternoon of the traditional national instrument Kanklės, brass orthestras performances, parades, amateur theatres shows, professional art events, and the emotional and colourful Procession of the Celebration's participants.

In 2014 the 90th anniversary of this grand event of the Lithuanian cultural life will be celebrated. The Lithuanian Song Celebration born in Kaunas in 1924 has grown into a massive cultural movement. Since then eighteen splendid, memorable festivals consolidating the entire nation have been held. The tradition of the Baltic Song and Dance Celebrations of Lithuania, together with Estonia and Latvia, has been recognized by UNESCO and included on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Join us at the 2014 Song Celebration “Here is My Home”, where we will together look back at our home – the family, the homeland, the earth… and a song – filling the home and housing the whole world.



(28 June) – The Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the National Song Celebration in Valley Songs.


(2 July) – Opening Concert of the Celebration at the Cathedral Square.

(3 July) – Opening of the Children's traditional crafts town at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

Opening of the Folk Art Exhibition at the Lithuanian Museum of Applied Art.

Evening of Ensembles in Kalnai Park.

(4 July) – Folklore Day in Bernardine Gardens and the Castles area.

Kanklės Concert in the St. Johns Church.

Presentation of the Baltic tribes costumes in the yard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

(5 July)- Theatre Day in Bernardine Gardens.

Wind Orchestras Concert in Kalnai Park

Dance Day in “Žagiris” Stadium.

(6 July) – Procession of Celebration's Participants Song Day in Vingis Park.