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Television Tower

Television Tower  Television Tower

Vilnius TV tower in Vilnius, Karoliniskes on the slope of the Neris River. Height – 326.4 meters, running since 1981. January 31. 165 meters above a café “Milky Way”.
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The Road of Freedom

The Road of Freedom  The Road of Freedom

  • Konstitucijos pr., Vilnius

“The Road of Freedom” – is a sculpture dedicated to 20-th of Lithuanian Independence and inviting all the residents of Lithuanian patriots to continue the way of freedom and unity.

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"Miracle" Tile

"Miracle" Tile  "Miracle" Tile

  • Katedros a. 1, Vilnius

In the Cathedral Square is a tile in which written the word “miracle”. It is believed to stand on the artist Gitenis Umbrasas created tiles and when turning around its axis, the wish will come will come true.

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Literatu street

Literatu street  Literatu street

  • Literatų g., Vilnius

Artworks mounted on the walls of the Literatu street (Literatų gatvė) dedicated to the literature workers: writers, translators, everyone who has link with Lithuania and is important for lithuanian or world literature.

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Rasos Cemetery

Rasos Cemetery  Rasos Cemetery

  • Rasų g. 32, Vilnius
  • +370 5 2656563

Rasos Cemetery is the oldest and most famous cemetery in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is named after the Rasos district where it is located. It is separated into two parts, the old and the new cemeteries, by a narrow Sukilėliai Street. The

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"Apple" Tile

"Apple" Tile  "Apple" Tile

  • Vilniaus g. 30, Vilnius

2007 in Vilnius was immortalized lovers place in St. Moniuškos Square, which has become a symbol of love – “Apple” tile.

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Bernardine Cemetery

Bernardine Cemetery  Bernardine Cemetery

  • Žvirgždyno g. 3, Vilnius

The Bernardine Cemetery is one of the three oldest cemeteries in Vilnius, Lithuania. It covers about 38,000 square metres and has an estimated 14,000 burial sites. It was established in 1810 by the Bernardine monks of the Church of St. Francis of

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Planetarium  Planetarium

Building accent – round glossy dome 12.5 meters in diameter with 160 seats Stellar sale. In addition to a 130-seat amphitheater hall, a spacious lobby exhibits, observation platform on the roof, offices, cafeteria, changing rooms and technical

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Jerusalem Sculpture Garden

Jerusalem Sculpture Garden  Jerusalem Sculpture Garden

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Customs Museum

Customs Museum  Customs Museum

The Lithuanian Customs Museum was established in 1994. Historical, documentary, video and audio material related to the past of the Lithuanian Customs is accumulated and displayed there. Over 7 thousand different exhibits have been accumulated in