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Corn maze

Corn maze  Corn maze

Those who want to experience something new and unprecedented, welcome to come to the corn field in near Trakai. The massive area of ​​corn field attracts tourists since 2008. Every year, this field is formed maze is different, and every year a

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The Old Karaite Graveyard

The Old Karaite Graveyard  The Old Karaite Graveyard

  • Žalioji str., Trakai

The old Karaite graveyard lies in the western part of Trakai in Užtiltė on the left hand side of Zalioji str. on the north-western shore of Totoriškės Lake. The area is shaped like an irregular rectangle . On the western side of the graveyard is

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Hill of Angels

Hill of Angels  Hill of Angels

  • Būda, Trakų r.

Close Užutrakis Manor near the road Trakai Rykantai branch leading to the Budos village crossroads, stands a hill, decorated with wooden angels sculptures. In 2009. September 12. Thanks to the initiative of civil (author of the idea – Dominyka