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Circle of viewpoint

Circle of viewpoint  Circle of viewpoint

  • D.Bukonto str., Zarasai

2011 in Zarasai city was opened an impressive architectural structure – a circle of viewpoint, which has no analogue in Lithuania. Circle wheel height of 17 meters, so it going to open a beautiful view of Zarasas lake. After landing you can walk

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Television Tower

Television Tower  Television Tower

Vilnius TV tower in Vilnius, Karoliniskes on the slope of the Neris River. Height – 326.4 meters, running since 1981. January 31. 165 meters above a café “Milky Way”.
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The Road of Freedom

The Road of Freedom  The Road of Freedom

  • Konstitucijos pr., Vilnius

“The Road of Freedom” – is a sculpture dedicated to 20-th of Lithuanian Independence and inviting all the residents of Lithuanian patriots to continue the way of freedom and unity.

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Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses  Hill of Crosses

  • Meškuičių sen. Šiaulių r.

Jurgaičiai (Domantų) mound, often referred to as the Hill of Crosses is Meškuičių region (Šiauliai district), near Šiauliai to Riga highway and railway, 12 miles north of Šiauliai, and 6 km southwest of Meškuičiai, Kulpė left bank. On the

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Imbradas - a sacred place

Imbradas - a sacred place  Imbradas - a sacred place

  • Imbradas, Zarasų r.

Imbradas – Village in Zarasai region, 10 km north-west of Zarasai. In Soviet times, the government did not like it here that people began arriving in search of God’s grace, the police would not let go of this place, we will see, setting firewalls,

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The Pyramid of Merkine

The Pyramid of Merkine  The Pyramid of Merkine

Sunlit forests of southern surrounded by shining glass dome. Three way inside the dome stands a pyramid, and it – two unique crosses, which concentrates in the extraordinary way the subtle spiritual energy, and conveys it to the area’s visitors.

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Stelmužė oak

Stelmužė oak  Stelmužė oak

  • Stelmužės kaimas, Zarasų r.

Stelmužė Oak is an English (Pedunculate) oak tree which grows in the former Stelmužė Manor park by Stelmužė village, Lithuania. The oak measures 3.5 m in diameter and 13 m in girth at its widest part; being 2.8 m. and 9.58 m at waist level.

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The Dune Of Parnidis

The Dune Of Parnidis  The Dune Of Parnidis

  • Nida

The Dune of Parnidis is a favorite place of the tourists visits. The dune is half planted and half drifted. On the southwest slope of the Dune of Parnidis a memorial cross for the sculptor R.Daugintis is standing, and on the top of the dune in

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Bison Paddock of Pašiliai

Bison Paddock of Pašiliai   Bison Paddock of Pašiliai

  • Petriškių k., Krekenavos pšt., 38305 Panevėžio r.
  • +370 620 59809

This is one of the most impressive and mostly visited assets of Panevėžys forests. The paddock is intended for the largest wild animals – European bisons, included in the Lithuanian and international red list of extinct and endangered species.

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Šeduvos windmill

Šeduvos windmill  Šeduvos windmill

Šeduvos windmill starts in 1905 year. Mill was never forgotten – Soviet (1967), he became the entertainment space – the people in it sailed as forgiving. For several years, the mill was abandoned, left to their own devices. However in 2000 year was

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The Wine Route of Lithuania

The Wine Route of Lithuania  The Wine Route of Lithuania

During the same year JSC “Anykščių vynas” opened its

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"Miracle" Tile

"Miracle" Tile  "Miracle" Tile

  • Katedros a. 1, Vilnius

In the Cathedral Square is a tile in which written the word “miracle”. It is believed to stand on the artist Gitenis Umbrasas created tiles and when turning around its axis, the wish will come will come true.

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