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National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery  National Art Gallery

  • Konstitucijos pr. 22, LT-08105 Vilnius
  • +370 5 219 59 60

National Art Gallery aims to collect, research and expose Lithuanian art from 20th and 21st centuries as a part of world’s modern art. National Art Gallery building was reconstructed in 2009 and now it is a modern

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Vilnius Picture Gallery

Vilnius Picture Gallery  Vilnius Picture Gallery

Vilnius Picture Gallery is based in the beautiful and spacious Count Chodkiewicz Palace noted for impressive late Classicism interiors. The permanent exposition offers to learn of the development of Lithuanian art from the 16th to

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Museum of the Radvilas Palace

Museum of the Radvilas Palace  Museum of the Radvilas Palace

The Radvilas Palace was built in middle of 17th century by architect Jonas Ulrichas on the request of Jonusas Radvila, the hetman of Lithuania and the voivode of Vilnius. Nowadays, in the recostructed part of palace the branch of

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Museum of Applied Arts

Museum of Applied Arts  Museum of Applied Arts

  • Arsenalo str. 3A, LT-01100 Vilnius
  • +370 5 262 80 80

The Museum of Applied Arts is established in reconstructed Old Arsenal biulding, part of the Vilnius Lower Castle. Some of the 12th-14th century cultural level remains can be seen in museums exposition. Exhibitions of works from

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Kazys Varnelis House–Museum

Kazys Varnelis House–Museum  Kazys Varnelis House–Museum

Kazys Varnelis House-Museum is the branch of National Museum of Lithuania. Museum was established on the base of emigrant artist Kazys Varnelis collection. Kazys Varnelis is know not only as the painter but also as

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Vilnius art academy museum

Vilnius art academy museum  Vilnius art academy museum

The museum has a wonderful collection versatile reflecting creative, methodological development of teaching in Vilnius Academy of Arts: collections of graphic works of the publishing house of Vilnius Academy (16th-18th centuries), creative works of

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Modern Art Center

Modern Art Center   Modern Art Center

The MMC collection is comprised of works by modernist Lithuanian artists and artists residing in Lithuania, created beginning in the so-called “thaw” (approximately from 1960) until the restoration of independence, and also the works of contemporary

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Gallery - SOFA

Gallery - SOFA  Gallery - SOFA

  • Vilniaus alėja 10 Druskininkai
  • +370 313 51034

Gallery is located in the center of Druskininkai. During the 15 years held in Druskininkai, Lithuania and foreign professional artists exhibitions. In exhibition action gallery organize workshop, a draft provides advertising design, interior design,