Food & drinks

Food & drinks

No one else but only the best can describe the culinary culture of the country, so it's not for nothing is said that Lithuanian dishes are the most delicious in the whole Eastern Europe. It is no secret that the Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty, and quite a few. The Lithuanian cuisine chefs are told that they can make delicious meals from the simplest products. Lithuanian Culinary sufficiently simple, but has a wonderful variety of dishes. Potatoes, rye, beets, meats, mushrooms and dairy products are often used in dishes. It's just astonishing how much food is available in Lithuanian cuisine. If you are a guest Lithuanian at home, in practice it is impossible to fail to take in too much, simply because the food is too delicious to be simply left on the plate.

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MOON GARDEN restaurant

MOON GARDEN restaurant  MOON GARDEN restaurant

MOON GARDEN restaurant is a perfect place for lunch or dinner with a glass of wine with your friends or a company. Light music, stylish exclusive interior filled with the lotus charm, impeccable service will allow you to relax and enjoy the fine

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Armenian cuisine restaurant "Araks"

Armenian cuisine restaurant "Araks"  Armenian cuisine restaurant "Araks"

  • Vilnius-Molėtai 17 km, Raudondvario village, Vilniaus r.
  • +370 6 9000014

When going to a restaurant “Araks” you should forget any diet. And why not, if the “body will be filled” not with the high-fat fast food, but with flavorful combination of vegetables, herbs and chargrilled meat. Visit the restaurant with the whole

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Restaurant Marceliukės barn

Restaurant Marceliukės barn  Restaurant Marceliukės barn

Since ancient times Lithuanians are famous for hospitality and are always pleased to welcome guests. The restaurant is full of ancient agricultural implements, engines, household items and tools. The ground floor of the eye-catching Lithuania