War Machinery and Transport Museum

  • Olandų g. 21A, Vilnius
  • +370 5 269 76 98
  • http://www.muziejai.lt/Vilnius/karo_technikos.en.htm

Vytautas the Great War Museum, WVDG karo muziejus8ar Machinery and Transport Vilnius branch opened in 2008. November 4. The display presents 100 Lithuanian military technical items which reflect the period from 1990 to nowadays. The exposition features a cannon, a boat, motorcycles, various wheeled and caterpillar technique: armours, vehicles “Dodge”, lesser all-terrain vehicles, petrol carriers, T–55 and T–72 tanks donated by the Polish Defense Ministry in 2006. Tanks T–72 were used in 1991, when Vilnius TV tower was assaulted by the Soviet served to troops. Alongside the formidable war technique stands the armoured “Mercedes-Benz”, which the first commander of the restored National Armed Forces and the “Zaporožec” bought from the Lithuanian government reserve. The exposition is constantly renewed. From the end of the 18th century the territory on Olandų Street belonged to the military. At first there was a gunpowder and gun storehouse. In 1832 these buildings were transferred to the Bastion of Vilnius. In the interwar period till 1939 this territory belonged to the Polish department of storehouses, and after Lithuania regained Vilnius, the buildings housed the Lithuanian Military Armour and Auto corps. In the soviet period, the territory was managed by the red army, and after it left, the Voluntary Forces of National Defense, Corps 8 of the Colonial fighting district took control of it.

More information: http://www.muziejai.lt/Vilnius/karo_technikos.en.htm

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