Vilnius art academy museum

  • Maironio g. 6, Vilnius
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The museum has a wonderful collectioVilniaus dailės muziejus3n versatile reflecting creative, methodological development of teaching in Vilnius Academy of Arts: collections of graphic works of the publishing house of Vilnius Academy (16th-18th centuries), creative works of painters of Art school of Vilnius (1797–1832), works of painters of Kaunas Art School, creative works of teachers and students of the Faculty of Arts, Vilnius S. Batory University, graphic works of Lithuanian emigrants, works of painters of Vilnius Institute of Arts (the first post-war decade), works of painters of the Lithuanian State Institute of Arts (6-9 decades).

Collections of the museum consist of 12 000 displays. The best evaluated final works of Bachelor and Master degree students of the Departments of Fine and Applied Arts are gathered here. Students’ graduation works from time of the Art School of Vilnius up to contemporary works predominate in the collection of the museum.
The museum possesses the most abundant collection of contemporary art (9-10 decades).
The other part of the collection represents creative works of professors and teachers of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Annually new graduation works of Bachelor and Master students supplements the collection. They are inventoried, catalogued, prepared for keeping.

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