Tour „The Women of Vilnius"

offerWomen …Their are various: passionate and cold, sensitive and quiet, forceful and humble, cruel and gentle, strong and fragile, the loser and the winner…They are all different and unpredictable as their destinies…
You will follow the footsteps of the women, who lived in Vilnius. Also will remember their dreams, wills and despairs that turned out into poems, books, sculptures and plays.
During the tour you will walk to the Lower Castle Royal Palace, see the house where Žemaitė lived, pass through the Presidential Palace, Vilnius University House, learn about the residents of Bžostovskiai House, hear the stories in Dominikonai and Stikliai streets, admire the monastery of Bazilijonai and the Gate of Dawn known for the miracles.


Duration: ~ 2 val.;
Group: up to 30 persons;
Season: all year long;
Language: Lithuanian, Rushian, English.
Individual group: up to 20 persons – 425 Lt; 21 – 30 persons – 485 Lt.
Note: Tours in foreign language we organize just for individual groups. You need to order by phone or e-mail.

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