The Pyramid of Merkine

  • Česukai Merkinės sen. LT-65342 Varėnos r.
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Merkinės PiramidėSunlit forests of southern surrounded by shining glass dome. Three way inside the dome stands a pyramid, and it – two unique crosses, which concentrates in the extraordinary way the subtle spiritual energy, and conveys it to the area’s visitors. People attending abundant this at first glance unusual structure. As it prayer, meditation, gain some positive energy, recover his equanimity, welcomes the improved physical health.

Message about forests of Dzūkija rounding unusual structure has been spreading rapidly. Visit Česukai and see the pyramid, and it beat the people hurrying from more distant locations in Lithuania. Spread the fame of the unusual – healing – area in which standing trilateral pyramid features. Visitors believed that they experienced changes in health arises precisely because of the mystical pyramid effect, but skeptics still loudly expressed their opinion of the apparent miracles calling merely the result of autosuggestion. But in fact the people who came to beat God touched meditative space, the envelope of the Epiphany has an especially subtle energy field, which will provide newcomers forces have not even ascended to the body of the pyramid.

Obvious physical and mental health changes experienced by the users, the small yet incapable of self-beat kids for the adults prayed, and other relatives who came, who, for various reasons, the most being able to come here to ask for their relatives to pray intentions trilateral pyramid surrounding area and the same structure.

It spent seven years. The spring of 2009 Povilas God conveyed the message that the time has come to complete the extraordinary space in  Česukai. In fact, Paul’s Church and his fellows, and was previously known that they have a big job, but the latter is known all just stunned: Pyramid incur arise over twelve and a half meters high dome. Task to keep up completed by late autumn. Given the nature and extent of the work was really challenging to implement this supreme task, but Paul’s Church and his associates inspired, and constantly strengthened the people of God, given the extraordinary promise: When you finish the space to form a sacral Česukai here revealed, and will intensify the Holy Spirit. It palytės each person arrived, care and safety to daily life on the road, will not get lost. After all, the Holy Spirit to the extraordinary grace of God, which has only special – sacred – space! In God’s order in the fall of 2009 Česukai have geodesic dome, which, like a vault, covered the trilateral pyramid within seven years of operation has become the people’s hearts beloved temple. In 2010, during the first days of June, the envelope was the Holy Spirit coming celebration. Celebrations participants felt and saw a high level of transparency spiritual energy (light), suffered severe internal uplifted. It became clear that God accepted and blessed people work done. In this way Česukai was completed to form a pyramid, dome and cross, and set up a complex God the Father consecrated sakralioji space. It is open to all beliefs, all religions. Every now come here, and prayer – meditation opened his heart to God, a person may feel a special presence of God and experience the state of a strong, clear response to your sincere prayers.

During the year the sacral area Česukai visited by thousands of people from Lithuania and abroad. After staying domes and pyramid visitors feel grateful to the Supreme behind this miracle of life, perceived cause of the vicissitudes of fortune, and the various difficulties of life burden becomes lighter. Also people feel life’s purpose and meaning, and fully re-introduction in resolutely continues its earthly journey always and everywhere sensing God’s care and custody.

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