Street Musician Day 2014.05.17

  • Vilnius

gmdOn the first Saturday of May 2007,in response to theinvitation of Andrius Mamontovas, author and performer of songs, professional and amateur musicians flood into the streets, yards, parks and squares of Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities and towns. Armed with a variety of musical instruments, they play rock, classics, jazz, avant-garde and folklore and beat African rhythms. Culture volunteers help find one or another playing group. On this day all Lithuanian cities and towns engage into the fest of free creation and socializing between musicians and the public.

In 2008, the Street Musician’s Day erupted all across Lithuania, whereas since 2009 the idea to play in streets spread across Lithuanian communities living abroad.

 In 2011, organisers from Riga, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg who visited the Street Musician’s Day in Vilnius decided to take this idea back home.

 The Street Musician’s Day which spread from Vilnius across the whole country has transcended the borders of Lithuania – the author of the idea Andrius Mamontovas has already started to prepare this festival for the musicians in Riga and Minsk.

In 2012, the Street Musician’s Day was shifted from the first Saturday of May to the third one. The streets were buzzing on May 19th.

On the very same day, musicians in Georgia showed solidarity with street musicians in Lithuania, and came out to play some music in the streets of Tbilisi. Pilies street turned into an acoustic street. Only musicians who have chosen live instruments will play on this street during all upcoming street music days.

In 2013, in Lithuania, Tbilisi and other associated countries the Street Musician’s Dayl will be held on May 18th.

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