Sereikiškės Park

  • Vilniaus senamiestis, Maironio g.

Sereikiškės Park (formerly – Bernsereikiškėsardine Garden) – Old Town Park, restricted Vilnelė River. Right in the center of Vilnius, including Gediminas Castle Hill, Vilnelė and Bernardine monastery located Sereikiškės Park. During the summer, the park is a favorite Vilnius walks and children’s play area. As you enter through the main gate of the park to see the children’s attractions in the park leads deep Vilnelė trails. The park is also a tennis court.

According to historical sources, the current Sereikiškės park area was already sleek Queen Bona. Since 1799. until 1919. current area was the Botanical Garden – one of the first public parks in Eastern Europe.

The park, near the Bernardine Monastery in Vilnius equipped with the oldest water supply station and drinking water laboratory. After the Second World War, the laboratory was renovated, a park named Youth garden. Later it was Sereikiškės the park’s name.

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