Restaurant Marceliukės barn

marceliuk Since ancient times Lithuanians are famous for hospitality and are always pleased to welcome guests. The restaurant is full of ancient agricultural implements, engines, household items and tools. The ground floor of the eye-catching Lithuania oldest wooden bike. The youngest guests are invited to the fun storeroom fitted with wooden maze – climbing wall, full of ancient folk toys .

Restaurant Marceliukės barn – the perfect place to celebrate the life of expensive celebrations: weddings, baptisms, various anniversaries, company celebrations and so on. There are many privacy – generating spaces where comfort will find any company. The Lithuanian heritage, fostering an attractive restaurant with a variety of budget holidays organizers. At present very attractive rates and offers those celebrating, and team of professionals working for almost 15 years, ready to fulfill all the wishes of guests and can take care of everything from food to live music, lighting, sound and etc.

The restaurant is open every day from 11 to 24, except Sunday and Monday from 11 to 23. Every day offers delicious and of course, inexpensive daily lunch . Often, there are different promotions, ” live” beer deliveries on weekends playing country bands.

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