• Konstitucijos pr. 12A, Vilnius
  • +370 5 272 4148

Building accent – round gplanetariumaslossy dome 12.5 meters in diameter with 160 seats Stellar sale. In addition to a 130-seat amphitheater hall, a spacious lobby exhibits, observation platform on the roof, offices, cafeteria, changing rooms and technical rooms.

Observations through a telescope:
Weekdays from 9 am to 17 pm.
Moon, Jupiter and Saturn from 21 hours.
The most important prerequisite to track celestial bodies is a clear sky. As the weather forecasts are accurate, you can not tell what the weather will be a week or two. Cloud cover can “predict” just a few days ahead, such as numerical weather prediction at Foreca or LHS.
Subsequent observations of the celestial bodies, advance registration is required. Information on the celestial observations provided, and registration for the phone to place. 8 629 29919 or e-mail. mail.

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