Palanga Amber Museum

Palanga Amber Museum is a subdgintaro m palangaivision of the Lithuanian Art Museum. It was established on August 3, 1963 in the former mansion of count Feliksas Tiškevičius (1870–1932). The mansion was designed by the German architect Franz Schwechten (1840–1924) and was built in 1897. It is surrounded by a park of 101,3 ha, which was designed in 1897 by the well-known French landscape architect Eduard Francois Andre (1840–1911).

In recent years the museum has been attempting to expand its functions. Not only amber attracts visitors here, but also a variety of cultural events. The outstanding Lithuanian artists perform concerts in the Fireplace Chamber. For more than thirty years a series of concerts called „Midnight Serenades“ have taken place on the terrace of the mansion.

The Amber Museum has been visited by    more than 8 million people from all over the world.

On the 13th of May, 2011 a new exposition of amber was opened. The exposition was designed by the director of the Lithuanian Art Museum Romualdas Budrys. His conuslatnt were Dr Vladas Katinas and Dr Sigitas Podėnas.

On the ground floor of the manor an exposition of the historical interiors is opened. There one can admire furniture an works of applied art from 18th to 20th centuries.

Amber is being presented in renovated halls in new glass showcases designed particularly to this new amber exposition. One can see approximately 5 000 exhibits presenting the amber from different angles both of natural sciences and cultural history.

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