Medvėgalis Mound

  • Šilalės r.

Medvėgalis is the Medvėgalis2highest mound in Samogitia. The top of the mound is 234.6 m. Medvėgalis name comes from the 14th century – it was named after the castle. Medvėgalis mound is located in district with about 8 miles to the north-west of Kaltinėnai, 12 km south of Varna, Karūžiškės estate fields. It is the largest Samogitians mound. In the north-east of it is kūlgrinda, southwest – hill called Alka.

Extremely beautiful views overlooking the mound. It is said that from the top to see 14 churches, a lot of other hills, including from 30 km Šatrija.



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