Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum

Prepared exposure Marija_and_Jurgis_Slapelis_House_and_Museumof Mary and George Šlapeliai everyday life and activities reflect the life of the Vilnius region from the late nineteenth century. II, p. to 1940. It shows how the press has picked cancellation insurance books, Lithuanian created printers and booksellers, publishers have been active. Reveals the creation of associations, educational development, media development and other important cultural events to stimulate and accelerate the political events which have led to the independence of Lithuania.

Dr.. George Šlapeliai (1876-1941). The doctor, linguist, Lithuanian Scientific Society, educator, facilitator and publisher of dictionaries, translator and public activist.
Mary Peseckaitė-Šlapelienė (1880-1977). In 1906. established the Lithuanian bookstore – the focus of Lithuanian, who operated the Tsarist, Kaiser and Polish occupation.
M. Šlapelienė – the first Lithuanian opera “Birute” the main actor, the first amateur music performances in the western and Lithuanian active participant.
Dr.. Šlapeliai George and his wife Mary of national revival, appointed a life of their native language as well as Lithuanian independence, nurturing and storage.

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