Lithuanian Museum of the History of Education

  • Vytauto pr. 52, LT-44237 Kaunas
  • +370 37 20 79 36

The museum depositories over 50,000 svietimo muziejusartifacts that reflect the age-old history of education in Lithuania. The exhibition “From ancient days to us”
The exhibition introduces the public to the educational development of state formation in Lithuania since the beginning of XIII century 1990 The aim is to demonstrate the unique Lithuanian school walking route, with an emphasis on the education in Lithuania has been developing a common foundation of all Christian Europe.
Three of the new exhibition halls in addition to teaching history and reveals the historical museum exhibition practices change values. You can detect and traditional shop windows, schools and illustrations, layouts, interactive furniture, original video projections, some of the exhibits, visitors can touch. Each of the individual phases of the development of the school hall, using lighting, colors, different materials create different eras spirit radiant atmosphere.

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