Lithuanian Aviation Museum

In 2009 Museum’s collection coAviacijos_muziejus1nsisted of more than 19,000exhibits, including 43 aircraft and gliders. Museum’s library had 18,500 volumes of aviation and technical books and periodicals.

The exhibits were started to collect by aviation enthusiasts in 1963. It was difficult to preserve flying exhibits during that time, because the Soviet regulations strictly required to scrap the obsolete aircraft and gliders.

Museum is working in close cooperation with the Lithuanian Air Forces, Association of Lithuanian Aviation Veterans, Aero Club of Lithuania, A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute, “Helisota Ltd.” and “AB Sportine Aviacija” companies. Along with the Kaunas Fire and Rescue Service the Museum collects exhibits about fire fighting in Lithuania, other exhibits of technical history.

The workers of the Museum perform methodical research of the Lithuanian aviation history and publish these materials in the Museum’s publication “Plieno sparnai” (“Wings of steel”), cooperates with historians and museum specialists in other countries.

In 1991 the Museum’s publishing house “Plieno sparnai” was founded, it publishes recollections of aviators, other popular books about history. The branches of the Museum are native farmsteads of Lithuanian National Heroes 1933 transatlantic pilots S. Darius and S. Girenas, with memorial exhibitions. in Judrenai and Vytogala.

In the Museum you may not only see the exhibition, but also to enjoy feel of sitting in the cockpit of aircraft or helicopter, see aviation movies ant try your pilot skills on flight simulator.

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