Lithuanian Art Museum / Museum of Miniatiure Arts

miniaturu muz In 1976-1989 Museum of Miniatures was opened in Juodkrante church. About 15 years this museum was extremely popular among local society and tourists as an institution of culture and art of Lithuanian Art Museum in Neringa. Since 26 June, 2007 LAM Museum of Miniatures was restored in a traditional wooden house typical to the Curonian spit of the late XIX century – early XX century, which stands on the Curonian lagoon, near Juodkrante church.

More than 300 works are on display, such as miniature portraits, medallions or historical medals, copper carvings, gypsum busts of ancient gods made in Meissen manufactory (Germany). There is a great variety of applied art works of XVI-XIX c. made in France, Holland, Poland, Great Britain, Russia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, such as luxurious fans, tobacco-boxes, in beading technique embroidered purses and pictures, china sculptures, kitchen utensils, table decorations. Museum visitors will enjoy the subtle miniatures of the self–educated artist, Lida Meškaitytė (1927-1993).

September – May in the Museum of Miniatures is the time for educational activities. Schoolchildren, adults and families are welcomed. During summer short-term exhibitions are opened in the adjacent buildings. Modern outdoor exposition of sculptures is opened all year round near the Museum of Miniatures.

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