Kernavė mounds

  • Kernavė, Širvintų r.

Kernavės mounds – five mounds in Širvikernavės piliakalniai2ntų Region municipality Kernavės the southern edge of the Neris River, right on the slope. Kernavės mounds area – one of the Lithuanian State in the centers of the largest Lithuania defensive complex of mounds and a former medieval town.

Kernavės archaeological site – the State Cultural Reserve in 1989. Since 2004. July. the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kernavė was the first capital of the Grand Duchy mentioned the annals of history. Kernavė is the only in the Baltic region of five mounds complex. From the mound overlooking the spectacular view of the Neris river meanders, river island and its coasts. Kernavė opens doors for tourists archeology and history museum, which accumulated over decades of painstaking excavations to find archaeological finds. July first half going archeology day during which shows their skills and products to sell old craft masters from Lithuania and neighboring countries – shoemakers, glass, potters, jewelry artisans, tanners, blacksmiths, beekeepers and others. During the festival, a demonstration of medieval combat and ethnic music concerts.

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