Kazys Varnelis House–Museum

Kazys Varnelis House-Mkazio varnelio muziejususeum is the branch of National Museum of Lithuania. Museum was established on the base of emigrant artist Kazys Varnelis collection.

Kazys Varnelis is know not only as the painter but also as collector and bibliophile. While studying he collected folk art articles, took pictures of them, drew them. Later, while living in Western Europe and USA, he constantly participated in auctions. A lot of professional artworks were bought in Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna and other auctions.

After the restoration on independence of Lithuania Kazys Varnelis came back to Lithuania bringing his collection together.

Kazys Varnelis House-Museum is established in one of the oldest still standing stone buildings in City Hall Square. Museum exposition is arranged in small chambers, where you can find Gothic architecture articles, graphics, sculpture works, Renaissance and Baroque furnishings, paintings.

More information: www.lnm.lt

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