Kalnų Park

Mountain Park – a park near the kalnu parkas, trys kryziaiOld Town, which consists of several hills, “Three Crosses” (Grey Mountain) upon which the restored Hill of Three Crosses, Table Mountain, the tomb of Gediminas Hill, Bekes Hill, where in 1850. Kaspar buried Békés. Mountain Park, conveniently accessible from T. Kosciuszko Street side; then climbed up the hill takes you to the stage. In summer, it hosts a variety of concerts and festivals. The park area bordered by Užupis (Krivių.) And Vilnelė. Mountain park consists of several mountains. The most famous of them – Three Crosses.

It is believed that the three hill pagans tortured seven Franciscans, they were nailed to the cross, and thrown into the river. Now the place is an architect and sculptor A. Vivulskio built the Three Crosses monument. In 1950. Soviet authorities demolished the monument was rebuilt in the beginning of the rebirth of Lithuania.

Three Crosses is sometimes called the Bald, Kreivuoju (it is estimated that there was a Crooked Castle) or the Taurus mountains.

Table Mountain was named because of its shape – the top is smooth as a table.

Gediminas Grave – Duke marks the burial place. This hill is not only for those who want to enjoy the views over the city skyline, but also the white religious community members who are celebrating their holidays at the pagan altar.

Bekes Hill took its name from the fact that in 1580. was buried in one of the most famous of that time in Lithuania and Poland, the warlords Kaspar Békés, comes from the famous Hungarian noble family. It is buried here because the deceased had been Arian faith and remains in the Catholic cemetery were taken. The nineteenth century. the middle of the monument together with K. Bekešas tomb collapsed into the wool.

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