Juozas Naujalis Memorial Museum

  • Instituto g. 22, Raudondvaris, Kauno r.
  • +370 612 53 314
  • http://www.muziejai.lt/kaunas/naujalio_mus.en.htm
  • zitamuziejus@gmail.com

The majority of the musenaujalioum collections compromises exhibits connected with the life and public activity of Juozas Naujalis, such as photographs, documents, personal items, and samples of his written music. Another part of the collection consists of exhibits reflecting the region of Raudondvaris and the lives of prominent people from this area. For example, there is a plaque recalling The Counts Tiškevičiai who were the owners of the Raudondvaris estate. In addition, there are old photographs of the church and district as they looked in former times, as well as a collection of books from the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century from the personal library of Mr. D. Budrys.

The exhibition dedicated to pioneer Juozas Naujalis reveals that he was not only one of the first professionals in the field of Lithuanian music, but also the first Lithuanian to write about music, and the founder of the first Lithuanian bookshop and the first music school in Kaunas. More still, he was the most prominent organist of his time as well as choir director, teacher, and organizer of the first music festival in Lithuania.
The second exhibition introduces Raudondvaris District and its history. The flag Tiškevičiai flag with its Polish coat of arms is exhibited. In addition, unique displays from Benetiktas Tiškevičius’ trips through Uganda, the Congo and Egypt are presented.

More information: http://www.muziejai.lt/kaunas/naujalio_mus.en.htm

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