Imbradas - a sacred place

  • Imbradas, Zarasų r.

Imbradas – Village in Zarasai region, 10 kOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAm north-west of Zarasai.  In Soviet times, the government did not like it here that people began arriving in search of God’s grace, the police would not let go of this place, we will see, setting firewalls, eroded under construction cross lock people into buses, output and run away, the only people pray in this place. If this revelation is not from God, all this disappears by itself, but there is no power in this holy place destroyed. A few years after the revelation before, during the annual appearance, people see the sun miracle. Witnesses said that flowing to the sun, it begins to move, rotate, change colors, sometimes sees the cross, crucified, Mary, Host, monstrance, and other shapes.

People have experienced miracles in this place of the Mother of God, pray this location and length using water. Many people feel the holiness of this place, here’s a good beat, to pray, to reflect seriously, dive into your innermost thoughts. In such places I want to come back again and again.

Currently, this site began in honor of the Virgin for the chapel of the Virgin. The foundations of the future chapel consecrated 2002-10-05  of   Bishop John Kauneckas.

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