House of Signatories

The office, which was signed by the signatarų namai3 Act of Independence of Lithuania, was to recreate the atmosphere of the time. The room can see pictures of the Lithuanian Council and the Council of care would allow daily Lithuania echo “printed Lithuanian Independence Act. Room interiors exhibition visitors can compare with a single to šlikusia the picture of during 1915-1919. immortalized photo.
Signatories home exhibition introduces visitors to the twentieth century. the beginning of a national revival and the modern state of Lithuania 1918. history. The building in which the February 16th was crucial for the Lithuanian Council meetings and posted on the Independence of Lithuania, tries to convey in 1904-1918. Lithuanian cultural, social and political life in the atmosphere. Exposure central axis – the Act of Independence of Lithuania signed the Lithuanian Council members illustrating the life and work of historical material. Signatories home exhibited documents, Lithuania maps, old photographs, paintings, posters, Independence Act signatories belonged things.
An adjacent room – Pictures taken in Lithuanian Conference of the moment and the distinctive characters of its participants. All arrivals was named permissions and wore one of the options considered by national flag – green and red – tape.
Some future signer of the Declaration of Independence of Lithuania can be seen in the Lithuanian Society support the war victims of the Central Committee members in the photo.
The exposition is constantly reminding relics of additional signatories. The exhibition will see First Republic of Lithuania in diplomatic work who has been a signatory Kazimierz Bizauskas awards. John Vileišio, Pranas Dovydaitis, Stanislaus Narutavičius personal belongings.

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