Hot air balloon flights

orobalionai3Hot air balloon flights normally take place early in the morning (1-2 hours after the sunrise), and in the evening, 1-2 hours prior to the sunset. Any large enough and protected from the wind area can serve as a launch field for a hot air balloon flight. In Vilnius, we take off from Barbakanas, Valakampiai and from Vingis Park. In Kaunas – from the river junction, and from Aleksotas. We can also arrive to a location of your choice anywhere in Lithuania.

A hot air balloon is prepared for the flight within 20-30 minutes. The flight normally lasts 1- 1 /2 hours, and the flight altitude can vary from 1 to 1000 meters, sometimes even higher. A clear sky is not a necessary precondition for the flight to take place. The key condition is a weak low altitude wind (up to 20km/h), and an absence of the rainfall. Hot air balloon flights do take place in wintertime as well!

orobalionai2The elevation and descent (touch-down) speed of a hot air balloon is rather slow; therefore you will not experience unpleasant sensations which normally bother you in a plane flight. The horizontal speed and flight direction are equal to wind speed and direction. Therefore, the pleasure of flying a hot air balloon is accessible both to children and to elderly people.

A flying hot air balloon is always escorted by a car, which picks up the passengers and the balloon after the descent, and returns them to the launching pad location. Persons undertaking a hot air balloon flight for the first time, are ordained into balloonist ranks by the crew, and receive First flight certificate. Sparkling wine and small present for everyone is included as well!


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