Hill of Crosses

  • Meškuičių sen. Šiaulių r.

Jurgaičiai (Domantų) moundIMG_3764 Kryziu kalnas, often referred to as the Hill of Crosses is Meškuičių region (Šiauliai district), near Šiauliai to Riga highway and railway, 12 miles north of Šiauliai, and 6 km southwest of Meškuičiai, Kulpė left bank.
On the mound, there are thousands of crosses, arriving not only from various places in Lithuania and abroad (and therefore is called the Hill of Crosses). Christian world in the mountain even more famous in 1993. Here hedged followed the Pope John Paul II.

Hill of written sources first time mentioned in the 19-th century. middle (crosses detected since 1850.), it may be that crosses begin construction after 1831. rebellion. Domantų village within the cross began to build Jurgaičiai on the mound after the Tsar’s government brutally cracked down on 1831. and 1863. participants in the uprising. About 1900. became a sacred place has begun to attract increasingly large crowds of believers – people put up crosses on hill hoping to grace. The twentieth century beginning of the Hill of Crosses became sacred place, abundant attending people for worship, indulgences.

Soviet authorities mountain here in crosses testified Lithuanian religiosity, which is contrary to the time to unfold the Soviet ideology, and in 1961 Hill began the destruction of the mountain: he was whisked away to the bulldozers, wooden crosses burned metal – taken to scrap metal, stone and concrete – buried. Started ‘dozer atheism “Era, which lasted nearly 20 years. Hill kept the army and the KGB planned to flood area, the Hill of Crosses into hard to reach places. But after each demolition (of which there were four, from 1964 to 1984 m.) Hill of Crosses was restored.

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