Hill of Angels

  • Būda, Trakų r.

angelu_sventinimas_2010_06Close Užutrakis Manor near the road Trakai Rykantai branch leading to the Budos village crossroads, stands a hill, decorated with wooden angels sculptures. In 2009. September 12. Thanks to the initiative of civil (author of the idea – Dominyka Dubauskaitė Kairevičienė and Lolita Piličiauskaitė Navickienė) – Lithuania millennium and Trakai Church. Virgin Mary church’s 600-year anniversary – the project of the “name of Lithuania celebrate the millennium of the Christian values ​​of the light.” The result: a straight line located in one of the most important architectural works Trakai – Blessed. ‘s Church, Trakai Church. Virgin Mary Church, Trakai Island Castle – trail signs added to the Millennium trail, people nicknamed Angel Hill.

More information: www.trakai-visit.lt

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