Europa park museum

  • Joneikiškių kaimas, LT-15148 Vilniaus rajonas
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The park exhibiting over 100 sculptuIMG_7660res, which the authors – artists from 32 countries (not just Europe). Among them – leading contemporary artists Magdalena Abakanowicz, Sol LeWitt, Dennis Oppenheim.

The first sculpture created by himself G. Goldfish. The sculpture has become a symbol of the park, and its stylized design used in the logo of the park. One of the most evocative sculptures of the park – from the old TV built LNK Infotree, Guinness World Records recognized the agency as the largest of its type sculpture.

When the French National Geographic Institute, the geographical center of Europe is located near Vilnius, G. Crucian developed by the European Centre for the monument, granite plaques noting Europe and some other countries the capital city and the distance from the center of the continent to them. Here in Paris – 1705 km, Lisbon – 3129 km, and the maximum distance – to the New Zealand capital Wellington – 17 310 km.

The park organizes various cultural events (“Poetry Spring” readings, artists, conferences), the original appearance of the educational center designed various events. Museum visitors’ convenience built about 7 km long trails, as well as a park can be rented here detour mountain biking. The park is visited annually by more than 60,000 visitors (2006. Figures).

In 2008. The park museum activities Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania declared the state a major cultural project.

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