Energy and Technology Museum

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Energy and Technology Museum, loenergetikos muziejuscated in downtown Vilnius, the first power plant, for children up to 99 years for exposure. It is now possible to get lost in, but power labyrinths Wander worry – there is not one exit. Museum’s interactive exhibition “Science and technology for children” – perhaps the only such Lithuania. You can become the Thunderer, and create a “lightning,” color “his shadow or even cheated ground traction.

Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius is the technical heritage of Lithuania, Vilnius energy and promote the history and research institution.
The museum is located in an old power station in Vilnius premises. Former plant administration building – are not part of the Museum. Museum has seven permanent exhibitions: energy exposure, exposure to vehicle; Vilnius industry exposure, exposure of “Made in Vilnius, interactive science exhibition,” Gas Lithuania; wind and solar exposure. The museum is a regular temporary exhibitions and displays.
Energy exhibition includes three largest museum spaces – turbine hall, boiler room, basement. This is exhibited in Vilnius saved power station equipment (steam Turin, steam boilers, electric control panel, etc.)., Electricity generation and supply of related equipment (electric models, power meters).
Transport museum exhibition displayed values ​​can be divided into several groups:
Vilnius public transport history;
The internal combustion engined vehicle development;
Lithuanian car and motorcycle sport.

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