Dzūkija National park

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Dzūkija National Park – a natiodzukijos np.20121119-DzukijosNac.Parkas.pngnal park in Dzūkija, Lithuania, was established in 1991 in order to preserve the pine forests, the landscape, and the villages of the region. The area encompasses approximately 550 square kilometers on the banks of the Nemunas River.

The park is the largest protected area in Lithuania. It belongs to both the Association of Baltic National Parks and the Federation of European National Parks.

In order to preserve the unique natural and cultural features of the Dzūkija ethnocultural region, a dense network of protected territories has been formed in the Park’s territory. The Park is divided into four functional zones: conservational, protective, recreational, and economic (commercial). The conservational zone, which occupies an area of 26,580 hectares (47.5% of the park’s territory), consists of three reservations and 28 reserves: eight landscape reserves, 16 nature reserves, and four cultural reserves.

The strictest protective rules are applied in the three nature reservations, the total area of which is 2,080 hectares. No economic (commercial) activity is permitted there.
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The largest single part of the Park in terms of area is composed of landscape reserves, which occupy 13,060 hectares. They protect not only the Park’s most valuable landscapes, but also habitat for animals and plants as well as ethnographic villages.

Nature reserves occupy 10,600 hectares. They differ from landscape reserves in that greater emphasis is placed on preservation of separate landscape components (terrain, plants, animals).

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