Dolls Museum

leliu teatras3 was founded in 1994. The museum founders were Valerie and Stasys Ratkevičius. Exposure is based on performances play a dolls, masks, props and decorations assorted items. Today, the museum fund is dauggiau than 800 exhibits. A small museum attractive space-composed songs. Here you can see the first theatrical performances rod puppets reminiscent of the aesthetics of pure realism, as well as subsequent periods, these days artists charakterinius stylized characters. These princesses, kings and queens, wizards, various mythological creatures, the game plays, which has seen several generations. Museum visitors easily recognize performances Egle – the Queen of Serpents, Hare School, Blue puppy dog ​​”,” Dwarf Nose “,” Virgo Swan, Black chicken, or the inhabitants of the underworld, and other performances of puppets.

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