Daniliškės Hill Fort and settlement or Tatar (Totoriu) Hill

  • Sasonės ež., Trakų r.

Daniliškės hill fort and settldaliniškių piliakalnisement is in the south-eastern part of the village of Daniliškės, 0.7 km south-east of Daniliškės Orthodox Church, 200 m northeast of Lake Sasonė in quadrant 29 of Kudrionys Wood, in the Daniliškės Archaeological Reserve and the Kudrionys Landscape Reserve.The hill fort was built on a massive hill with steep sides. The slope from Lake Sasonė rises up to 30 m and the eastern slope next to the nearby hill is 6 m high. The fort yard is 310 m long east-west and up to 310 m wide north-south. On the western and eastern ends we can see fragments of embankments 1.5-2 m high and 35-45 m long. There were settlements at the northern and south feet of the hill. Archaeological investigations were carried out in 1971, 1975, 1984 and fragments of corded pottery have been found.The hill fort and settlement belong to the Lithuanian Republic.

More information: www.seniejitrakai.lt

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