Customs Museum

The Lithuanian Customs Museum wmuitines muzas established in 1994. Historical, documentary, video and audio material related to the past of the Lithuanian Customs is accumulated and displayed there.
Over 7 thousand different exhibits have been accumulated in the funds of the Museum since the start of its activities. About 3 thousand of them are constantly displayed in the permanent expositions. The rest are kept in the fund of the Customs Museum as additional exposition material.
In 2007 and at the beginning of 2008, the Customs Museum was renovated. After the renovation, more and different materials related to the Lithuanian Customs history were displayed here.

The Lithuanian Customs system started to form already in XI-XIII centuries. Rapidly developing trade by the river Nemunas and the Baltic Sea with the Western countries determined its constantly increasing importance. Customs duties were collected for the main goods being imported at the time, i.e. wax, honey, beast fur skins, hides and timber. Taxes were paid for the measurement and weighing of goods.

For more detailed information, please contact the Customs Museum in Vilnius: Jeruzalės g. 25, LT-08420, Vilnius

Tel. +370  5  279 63 46

Fax. +370 5  269 72 63


I-IV 8.30-16.00

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