Circle of viewpoint

  • D.Bukonto str., Zarasai

2011 in Zarasai city was opeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAned an impressive architectural structure – a circle of viewpoint, which has no analogue in Lithuania. Circle wheel height of 17 meters, so it going to open a beautiful view of Zarasas lake. After landing you can walk down the coast of Zarasas lake, which is surrounded by a walkway, or sit back on a bench and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

During the warm season Zarasai city residents and visitors alike delight coast fountain, Catwalks, boat rental, roller-skating and bike rental, a playground for children. Coast started to create sculpture park. All travelers and guests are invited to attend Zarasas lake coast at all times of the year. This place may be the opportunity to meet and see  a favorite time of year.


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