Chaimas Frenkelis villa

Ch. Frenkelio vila 1 - CopyThe restored Chaimas Frenkelis Villa with a park, and a fountain located in it, is a very exclusive site in Šiauliai city. The Villa is unique, one of only a few in Lithuania constructed in early 20th century buildings in the Art Noveau (Modern, Secession, Jugend) architectural style. Elements of different styles interweave in decoration of this State protected cultural monument’s facades, authentic interior fascinates the visitors with ornate wooden decorations, stucco works, and imposing fragments of frescos.

Residence Villa, next to the flourishing leather factory, was built in 1908 by one of the most famous all times Šiauliai manufacturers  Chaimas Frenkelis, whoCh.Frenkelio_vila was even called “the King of Leather”. Stylized expositions “Provincial Estate and a Town”, “Jewish Cultural Heritage in Šiauliai: the Merchants Frenkelis” are now presented in the two-storey Villa. Miscellaneous Villa’s expositions introduce culture of Lithuanian provincial estate (middle 19th–middle 20th c.), history of Šiauliai city in the Interwar period, and Jewish heritage.  Exposition devoted to the blind and visually handicapped people “The Artifacts that Speak” (for a while just one of a few such expositions in Lithuania) was recently opened in Villa as well.

The Villa is offering a wide choice of exhibitions, concerts, film and music festivals, and other events as well. Educational activity “Secrets of Kosher” presents Jewish culture and traditional cuisine.

Opening hours: II–V 10am–6pm, VI–VII 11am–5pm.

The Park is open Mon–Sun 10 am–10 pm

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