Česnulis homestead

  • Naujasodės village, 66443 Druskininkų district
  • +370 313 52448
  • http://www.cesnuliusodyba.lt/index.php?lang=en
  • cesnuliusodyba@gmail.com

cesnulio sodybaA place definitely worth seeing is Antanas Cesnulis’ sculpture exposition that is only three kilometers away from the famous Lithuanian resort Druskininkai. This talented artist has created a remarkable landscape that skillfully blends artistry with nature.

Upon entering the exhibition, you are immediately greeted by a traditional Lithuanian windmill that was built by Antanas himself, and serves as a four-story site for many of his wooden sculptures. Just beyond the windmill, you find an filling with carved crucifixes. The next sculpture that you’ll find is the sculptural composition entitled, “The Life of a Man and Tree”, where the author’s wooden sculptures are exhibited inside a unique pine. As you stoll along the Ratnycele rivulet, you will come across more sculptures including: “The Most Important Moment in Life”, “Egle – the Queen of Grassnakes”, “Tge Colossus”, and “Spring”. At the end of the exhibition, by the pond, you will enjoy the many sculptures in Folk Theater themes.

More information: http://www.cesnuliusodyba.lt/

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