By bicycle along the sea!

dviraciu_nuomaGet on your bike: it’s one of the best ways to get to know the Baltic seaside! On foot you couldn’t see more than only a small portion of treasures offered by the Lithuanian and Latvian seaside, by car you would lose a wonderful sense of relation with the wild nature. Thus, a bike is an ideal vehicle for travelling: it takes so little time to visit the most beautiful and fascinating objects, and enjoy the undisturbed tranquillity of the Baltic Sea, its sun-lighted pine forest and cosy villages along the way.

There are plenty of possibilities awaiting the cyclers at the Lithuanian and Latvian seaside: a wide choice of itineraries of various lengths and difficulty, well-built infrastructure, charming untouched nature, and numerous objects of cultural and historical importance as well as other types of attractionPalangos-dviračių-takais for a keen tourist to enjoy.

We offer you a 130 km biking route, passing through the most exciting parts of the Baltic seaside, from the town of Gargždai in Lithuania to the city of Liepaja in Latvia. You will easily make the total distance in a few days. It’s convenient to start both from Gargždai and Liepaja as well as from other towns. This route is especially attractive to the holidaymakers in Palanga – the most popular resort of Lithuania. Staying in this town will allow you a convenient access to the enriching two-, three-day trips to Gargždai or Liepaja.