Birzai museum Sėla

The Biržai Regional Museum Sėla is birzu-muziejus-4ffaa238010f1housed in the restored palace of Biržai Castle. On 9 March 1989, during the celebration of the 400th anniversary of granting of the Magdeburg Rights to the city of Biržai, the museum opened its doors to visitors for the first time. Twenty five rooms house around 110,000 items, a scientific library keeps a wide selection of books and other publications. The museum’s exhibits reflect the history, culture, religion, literature and art of the region. Restored with care, a tiled stove echoes of the past splendour of the castle. In 2010, the restoration of an arsenal has been started. The research and maintenance of the bastion fortre ss, the best-preserved of the kind in Lithuania, is to be continued.

The museum offers a number of education programs for children. For adults, ‘Žaldoko Alus’ (Beer of Žaldokas) is one of the most popular programs, which includes discovering an amazing exhibition ‘Traditional Brewery’ and tasting beers of the Biržai region.

Opening hours:
1 October to 30 April:
Wednesday – Saturday: 9:00-17:30
1 May to 30 September:
Tuesday:                                 10:00-17:30
Wednesday – Saturday:        10:00-18:30
Sunday:                                   10:00-17:30

Admission prices: Adults: LTL 6.00; children aged 5+, students, seniors, and disabled from other districts: LTL 3.00; disabled residing in the district of Biržai: free. Admission prices for temporary exhibitions: adults: LTL 2.00; children aged 5+, students, seniors, and disabled from other districts: LTL 1.00.

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